“Today I asked Ethan where he would like to keep his special coin.  He thought just a second or so and said- my special board.  So together we got it out of his pocket and put it in just the right spot on a board in his room that holds many memorable pieces.  We have buttons from other cancer friends, rubber bracelets with messages of other kid’s battles, some special pictures, and various other trinkets.  He nestled it inside a bracelet of his friend- Lexi’s fight against ALL.  She sold these to raise money for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society.  He said “perfect”.  I then put the message that covers the coin in his cancer box. This is where I have EVERYTHING I have gotten since his diagnosis.  We will look up at his coin every night and admire it and feel like it is a visual of “beating the bad guys.”  

– Julie Rekant, VA

“Words can’t describe how touched I felt when gifted with the health hero coin from Emily.  As a therapist, rewards are typically intrinsic.  The health hero coin is one of the greatest honors I’ve ever received.  Being acknowledged for making a difference in a child’s life is all that matters.”

– Sue Dempsey, L.C.S.W., RPT-S, VA

“A Psychological Lifesaver!  I love my coin, which was given to me by my dear friends to remind me that they were “in my corner.”  Throughout the horrific battle I endured following an accident that resulted in five major surgeries over 17 months, I found encouragement and support just by looking at my coin and knowing that my friends were there for me.  ‘Get Well Cards’ are great, but nothing compares to the special feeling you have when you have a coin in your hand that you see every day.”

– Mary Thompson, Eastern Shore, MD

“My brother, Al, died November 30, 2011. During his last three months my wife and I had the privilege of having him live with us because he was unable to be on his own anymore. During that time we were blessed to have several members of   Hospice and Palliative Care of Cape Cod and another Hospice nurse in Framingham provide care for Al.  We were in awe of the kind, gentle, loving care that they consistently gave Al as well as supporting us during this difficult time. How does one thank such giving people? When we became aware of the HEALTH-HERO-COIN, we knew right away that giving one to each of the Hospice people  would be a memorable  gift not only as a reminder of the love and appreciation we had for them but also to remind them of all the lives they touch daily. We wish we had a video of the smiles and grace with which they received their coin. They held it and “massaged ” it  before they lovingly placed it in their pockets. We could have given candy or flowers but we KNOW that  having a Health-Hero-Coin will remind them of the gift of care they gave all of us.” 

– Bob Calzini, Cape Cod, MA

“There are many times in our lives when we are caring for a family member or other important people in our lives.  We do it because it comes naturally and the benefit to each person is a comfort to both parties.  We feel compassion for them and when they are healthy we can smile and hold each other again.  As we go through this time we don’t think about others watching and listening to what is going on, but they are.  I realized this the day I received a beautiful health care coin in the mail along with a lovely “Thank You” note from my Aunt.  She was taking time to show me how much she appreciated the care that I was giving to my Mother, her Sister.  Although we never provide care with an expectation of something in return, the fact that she took the time to say “I care” with this lovely coin brought tears to my eyes.  I would highly recommend taking time to send one of these special coins to someone you know.”  

– Lynne Gray, OH

“My husband and I have presented Health Hero Coins to several people.  If I/we ever doubted (and we never did) the impact receiving one of the Health Hero Coins would have on the recipient, it (the doubt) would have been totally dissolved this morning when I received my coin.  I was a tutor for an autistic child, who is now a young man of 19.  At this time, I am his volunteer on-call caregiver.  It is very rewarding to be in a position to provide support to this wonderful family.  As it happens, I was called on to help out this morning at which time I was handed an envelope.  Upon opening the envelope, my throat tightened and my eyes filled with tears.  Although I do not need anything to remind me of the special bond I have with this family, the coin, which I will carry with me, will reinforce the love and appreciation that flows between our families.”  

– Jan, MA

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