My sister and I decided to start the Original Health Hero Coin company because of one coin.

Our dad, a doctor, received a coin from a patient who had a single coin made just for Dad to show his appreciation for the wonderful care that Dad had given him. Dad loved the coin, but even more, he cherished the sentiment behind it. This was our inspiration to make coins that would allow others to experience these same feelings of support.

Kat is an elementary school teacher and librarian who, along with her husband, Clint, has taught in American Schools in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Belgrade, Serbia. They returned to the United States for Clint to work on his Ph.D. studies. Now that “Dr. Clint” has graduated, they live in Virginia Beach, VA where both continue their careers as educators. They have three children: two boys, ages 16 and 12 and a daughter, age 14.

Beth is a former television producer, having worked at Court TV and E!. Her husband, Mike is a retired Naval officer and helicopter pilot. Beth and Mike have two daughters, ages 15 and 13.

As sisters, we wanted to start something together that would help others. We hope that whoever holds one of our coins will feel the sense of support and comfort that is at the heart of our company.

The coins, and those who love you, are always with you.

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