Fighting the Good Fight

Posted on: October 8th, 2013 by admin

Hi, Everyone.

It is finally feeling like Fall here – no more 80 degree days.  It’s time for falling leaves, pumpkin anything and football!

We constantly come across those fighting many health battles and those helping them.  We face Emily’s PANDAS diagnosis all the time and she is doing well to stay healthy and keep that strep bacteria at bay.  My good friend’s son is facing his own struggle with stuttering and how he can work with therapists to help combat this.  We recently gave him a Health Hero Coin and he says he is going to keep it in his pocket for those times when he starts to stutter.  Some therapists have said that if children with these kinds of struggles rub something smooth, it will help them focus on how not to stutter.  He is our health hero this week because he is one strong and determined little boy and we know he will win.

There are two more heroes I read about recently.  With the Fall, comes football and the excitement that surrounds it.  Whether you are a fan or not (we do live in Steeler nation – somehow!), Pierre Garcon, a receiver for the Washington Redskins, is becoming a health hero for Tara Sankner.  Tara has brain cancer.  She is also a sports fan and the local players in the Washington area from the Washington Nationals to the Washington Redskins have rallied around Tara and her family.  Garcon promised to donate $2,500 per touchdown in a particular football game and aptly named it Touchdowns for Tara.

It really does not matter what season we are in.  What matters is learning about and reading about those health heroes year ’round who never give up.


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