My First, “Just Say No!” Moment

Posted on: March 23rd, 2012 by admin

Good Morning.  I have to admit that I am shouting T.G.I.F. from the rooftops this morning.  It has been one of the busiest weeks here and this weekend is not looking any different.  The Purple Piranhas have an 8am game tomorrow morning (that is Katie’s soccer team that I coach in case you missed the post) so we will be out and about early.  The silver lining in all of this is that Mike is hoping to get home sometime next week.  Fingers, toes and even eyes are crossed.

Well, today, I had my first, “Just Say No!” moment.  We made it to age nine before having this moment, so I guess I am lucky, but I am still not thrilled about it.  Emily and her friend were home while I was at the soccer field with Katie.  When I got home, I could tell they were up to something in the kitchen.  I thought I saw cinnamon on the counter and immediately questioned Emily about it.  She and her friend swore they had just taken a piece of chocolate, cut it it half, and melted it in the microwave.  Once I realized they had not used cinnamon, I did inform them that they are not to do anything, including melting chocolate, without my being home.  To them, these kinds of experiments seem harmless, but they never are.  In case you don’t know to what I am referring, I was panicked that they had tried the Cinnamon Challenge.  I have been hearing about this on various newscasts and know that it can be extremely dangerous because many children have tried it and ended up in the hospital.  Read about the Cinnamon Challenge here.  I was grateful that I was able to talk to Emily and her friend about this (they had heard of the Cinnamon Challenge and admitted they were intrigued by it).  They just heard it was something cool to try – just like all the others.  I told them people ended up in the hospital and almost died from trying something that I know they thought sounded cool.  It is imperative to talk to your kids about everything.  I never thought Emily would have heard about the Cinnamon Challenge, yet she had at school, and I thank my lucky stars we were able to have the conversation because I do believe once they learned about about the potential deadly consequences, they will never try it.

The lesson I tried to convey was that if you are watching someone try something on You Tube or hear about something like this, it is most likely not a good idea to ever try it yourself.  It’s something we will have to keep going over again and again.  Cinnamon is not the only household item kids can use for a quick high.  Read about the three other common household items that are used for things that should be uncommon, but are not.

I have mixed emotions about having had this “teachable moment” as Oprah used to say.  I think the one lesson I learned is that even though I think there is no way Emily has heard of these crazy things and would never think about trying them, I have to realize that she is growing up and is around enough kids at school who have heard about them.  How I long for the days when I was a kid and would sit around the TV on Thursday night, eating pizza and watching The Cosby Show with my family blissfully unaware of these kinds of dangers.  We still have pizza and sometimes watch it in front of the TV, but programs like The Cosby Show are nowhere in sight.  I know there wouldn’t have been a Cinnamon Challenge in any of those episodes.  The good old days…

I hope you all have a safe weekend and I will see you again on Monday.

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